Our Philosophy

Birth of Devique
Devique came into existence through the skin problems of Mr. Lattouf's sister. After numerous attempts of natural skin care products, the problems could not be fundamentally improved. Mr. Lattouf begins to solve his sister's skin problems. He has applied his life's work in human health to skin-care formulas. Carefully selected Australian natural ingredients, extracted four elements that are beneficial to human body — Amino acids, Minerals, Vitamins and Plant Extractions. After numerous experiments, created a unique golden ratio concept with different ingredients, and successfully developed the GoldenCSP™ formula technology. His sister's skin miraculously regenerates and returns to the best condition after using his products. Mr. Lattouf launched Devique in 2005.
Devique Cosmeceuticals
GoldenCSP™ stands for Concentration + Structure + Proportion
With precise concentration, stable structure and unique proportion, the concept of the golden ratio is created to help maximize the effect of natural ingredients and lay a solid foundation for each Devique product.
Our Tea Tree Blemish Balancing Concentration Serum contains Australian tea tree essential oil, natural extraction complex, DermalRX®SRC and nicotinamide.
Our Jojoba Deep Cleansing Oil contains jojoba mixed with vegetable oil + pure plant squalene, natural vitamin E, bergamot and bitter orange essential oils.